Juniors Incoming!

2nd February 2019
By Wira G


As our dear seniors depart from our beloved school, a new journey begins for the new intake of juniors who have now taken a chance at a second life and new beginning here at PTEM.

For three days, the lobby was crowded with eager juniors seeking to enroll into PTEM. Different students of all backgrounds flooded the lobby floor as they searched for subjects with the help and advice of the careers department.

Future PTEM student, Azri Nizammudin had this to say when he was asked for thoughts on the new life he faced during admission:

“Admission Day was life changing. I had already 3 subjects in mind, that is Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. What I (did) not have in mind was choosing between 3 English subjects. General paper, A level English and English literature. That sure caught me off guard! As for career choices, I’m looking forward to become a Biochemist in the future. To sum all of this up, this might be one of the toughest two years I have to endure (in order) to pass with flying colours”

Leaving satisfied, the next step for the juniors like Azri Nizammudin will begin during their next event: Orientation.

The orientation would begin on the 25th February, marking the start of a three-day programme that will conclude on the 28th. Designed for the new batch of students to familiarise themselves with sixth form life, and meeting new people, the orientation will definitely be a whole new experience to those who have sought out a new voyage of friendship, bonding and good times!

To all juniors who may be reading this, we look forward to seeing you!


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