Mystic’s Heart and Resilience

Mystic represented PTEM in the IAW NETBALL CHARITY TOURNAMENT on the 17th of March, lead by their team captain Zahidah and their netball tutors, Ms Memie, Ms Sarina and Ms Zuliana.

Team Mystic scored 6-5 on their first match up against Singastar and 12-8 against the Syahadah Lions, as they then moved forward to the semi finals where the team unfortunately suffered their first loss. However, their hearts and passions burned strong as they pushed through their last match against Rimba Royals, where they won and were then crowned Third place in the whole tournament.

“Netball is part of our life, a sport where we all have, and still can gain new experiences and trust amongst players, both as rivals and friends. It’s something we’ll never give up, never let go and never stop doing. This is who we are and what we do” says team Mystic with as much pride as they had both before stepped on the court and after they stepped off the court.

Sports is one of the best ways to make PTEM known to others and showing others how PTEM is progressive AND proactive in extra curricular activities. Thus, we hope that team Mystic can represent PTEM in other tournaments as well and make PTEM shine!

Congratulations, girls!

PTEM’s Pitch Pride


PTEM has emerged victorious in their friendly match at the Royal Brunei Recreational Club’s field against Maktab Duli, and with a remarkable four-nil victory we would like to congratulate the representatives of PTEM in making the school proud with such a dominant amazing win over their rivals!

PTEM left their mark at the end of the first forty-five minutes with a three-nil lead thanks in no small part to PTEM’s sons, Syafiq Asran, who scored two goals, along with Nizam who also fantastically scored another goal. The blazing performance hadn’t ended yet though, as Syafiq Asran fired with pride of PTEM, sealed the victory with an impressive hat-trick that brought the win right back home to PTEM.

Putting this victory aside for now, PTEM will soon be having yet another friendly match against Maktab Sains in the near future. On paper, these two schools’ rivalry are often referred to as the battle of intellectuals! We can only hope that the best team prevails.

As a last note, the Equinox would like to point out to the every student of PTEM that having the weight of representing the school is no easy task, thus, this is a great achievement!

Define Yourself

Photo by Syasya Jamalina


To be a part of an audience for a show is truly an amazing and memorable experience. On the 1st and 2nd of March, PTEM Performing Arts once again organized another recital which took place in Dewan Sarmayuda, with this year’s theme being “Define yourself.”

Head of the club Miss Chien stated that the performance this year was a lot more special as the whole event was for charity for the less unfortunate students in PTEM.

A huge number of students, teachers and outsiders attended the show, with many complimenting on how great the production and performers were.

“PTEM Performing Arts never fails to put up a good and enjoyable show,” said the guest of honour, Haji Juma’ata Sonadey bin Haji Mornie. “It’s amazing how the club manages to do this every year.”

When asked which performance was his favourite, the guest of honour took quite some time to answer:

Entah ah, semua jua siuk,” he said, laughing. “But if I really have to choose one, it would be the choral poem. Hilarious and relatable!”

Furthermore, we also managed to interview one of the audience who came from Tutong district. He said he heard the club has been doing original shows and that the whole event was for charity. So he and his wife decided to go for the show despite being unfamiliar with the location. They were pleased to see that it was beyond their expectations.

Put together by the Performing Arts Club, the show is an annual tradition for the school, and this year marked the eighth.


Softball Acquisition

The softball showcase was held on the 11th of March 2019, where the PTEM Softball club touched regarding softball development.

The event was a collaborative effort between MoE ( JPKK and SCHOOL ), JBS, BASBA, associate members, PTEM’S CCA SECTION and PTEM’S SOFTBALL CLUB.

Major (R) Wan Tambrin bin Haji Suhaili, The vice-president of the Brunei Amateur Baseball and Softball Club (BASBA) officiated the event with a short speech introducing the sport. The students were then brought to PTEM’s field where they were shown a demonstration.674e2e0a-52c2-4ddb-ad8c-c0d986a0714e

Not only that, but the students were then grouped for the activities, the activities included batting, pitching, throwing and a mini demonstration of the game. They were even treated to a live friendly match between the ladies and men of the national team.


We at The Equinox hope that students enjoyed the amazing experience as this sport is not able to be experienced by a lot of the Bruneian youths. We also hope, that through this showcase that the softball team will get closer to achieving their aim in finding potential new members for the national team and that these players would make Brunei proud, one day!

15th Borneo Global Issues Conference (BGIC)

A total of 300 delegates from 25 schools across our country debated on sustainable global development at the 15th Borneo Global Issues Conference (BGIC) hosted by International School Brunei (ISB) from February 9 to February 12.

The opening ceremony of this year’s BGIC was blessed by her royal highness, Pengiran Anak Isteri Pengiran Anak Sarah binti Pengiran Salleh Ab-Rahaman. In her royal patron speech, she addressed issues such as the Paris Agreement.

PTEM representatives were led by Mr Alan Kendrew of the English department. A total of 25 participants represented our school in this conference and some of the PTEM students were given awards for their achievements. Mohd Raihan Bin Abdul Rahman was presented with The Best Diplomatic Delegate, Hajah Siti Nurul Amal Faizah Binti Haji Osman received The Best Resolution Award and our very own Editor-In-Chief, Wira bin Ejau @ Gregory Ejau was presented with the Most Well Spoken Delegate award in his forum.

The first keynote speaker was Hannah Testa from the United States of America who has been an environmentalist and animal rights activist most of her life — all 16 YEARS of it.  Since the age of four, Hannah has made it her mission to fight for the planet and its future. Read more about Hannah at:

During her keynote speech, Hannah touched issues such as how being young ( as she is 16 ) does not matter as long as we are passionate to make a change. This was one of her biggest drives to become an environmentalist.

The second speaker was Rita Kimani from Kenya who is the Co-founder of FarmDrive Limited, which is a social enterprise that connects unbanked and underserved smallholder farmers to credit. During her keynote speech, Rita explained regarding her company FarmDrive Limited and how it has helped over 3000 farmers in Kenya alone. Not only that, she also talked about how she went from a Computer Science major to the Co-founder of a company.

The PTEM delegates underwent several weeks of training in preparation for the conference, which was conducted mostly in the afternoon and on Fridays.

Borneo Global Issues Conference (BGIC) is organised by International School Brunei (ISB) and is an annual student-led model United Nations (UN) conference where participants represent various countries, sharing their views on current and real world issues amongst each other. They celebrate their 15th year anniversary this year.



UBD PAC’S ARBITRIUM: the show must (and did) go on!


Two weeks ago, UBD’s Performing Arts Club pulled off a jolly good show indeed!

True to its namesake, the production managed to take control of the audiences’ attention with the spectacle that it was. Revolving around Arya Angelo, a young woman striving for success, and her brother, Michael “Mikey” Angelo, a charismatic bar-owner, are seen to both be under the shackles of Lucy, an eccentric character offering what the siblings don’t have, the freedom to make their own choices. With piercing plot twists and captivating characters, the play managed to get it’s audience on their toes, eager to unravel the play scene by scene. Later, audience can enjoy a meme version of Arbitrium on a Twitter thread:  

Featuring tight schedules composed of vocal, acting, and dance rehearsals, the team managed to pull everything off, despite various trials and tribulations, in only 30 days! (Kudos to you, PAC!)

With so many competition, (with JIS’ High School Musical, Medley House’s When Does Love End?, and Sutera Momento’s No Change Of Colour being some of the few abundant productions showing that weekend), PAC managed to get two nights worth of sold out shows, even though they only had 3 days to promote their show due to late approval from the student council. But even with it seeming like everything was against them, the team managed to hold on and deliver what could only be described as one of the most wonderfully presented productions of the year.

Adib Sulaiman vs Rungrot Posi LIVE Play-by-Play (ONE Championship: ONE Warrior Series 4)

SINGAPORE – EQUINOX Editor-In-Chief Wira.G gives you the LIVE play-by-of the heart of Brunei Darussalam’s MMA pride, Adib ‘Deep’ Sulaiman as he goes head to head against his opponent, Rungrot Posi from Thailand in the Strawweight division on the 28th of February 2019 in the 6th bout of former champion and MMA legend Rich Franklin’s Warrior Series under the banner of Asia’s most renowned and prestigious proving grounds: ONE Championship.


ROUND 1: As the bell sounds off for the first round, we see Brunei’s Adib “Deep” Sulaiman and Thailand’s Rungrot Posi coming out tentatively with Orthodox and Southpaw stances respectively, with both fighters attempting to establish the range and pace of the fight, with Posi advancing forward with leg kicks and snapping front kicks, Sulaiman is calmly able to counter with a straight right. Inching forward in a linear fashion with an open stance while pawing out the jab, (as tradition for most fighters from Thailand), we see Sulaiman’s response being composed, stepping in and out of range while occasionally using angles to avoid being propped up against the ropes. The rest of the round consisted of Posi attempting to assert himself by occupying the center of the ring as a base to begin swinging for the fences with combinations often set up with a right hook or a left uppercut feint. Sulaiman continues to confidently stay out of range and throw occasional strikes which are set up off of Posi’s strikes. A break from the flurry of strikes came up as both fighters meet once more in the center of the ring.

Like lightning, Posi catches Sulaiman with an overhand left that pushes him back against the ropes,

swarming him with strikes and head kicks

as the bell brings an end to the round soon after.

Wira’s Scorecard: 10-9 in favor of Rungrot Posi.

ROUND 2: With the confidence gained in the first round, Posi once more attempts to set the pace, but is stopped by a solid right body kick followed up by a step in left hook by Sulaiman. Posi’s began to start swinging in response, triggering Sulaiman to nimbly step out of range again as the pace dies down once more. Not long after, the fight gets shifted into second gear, a brawl breaks out, with Sulaiman firing a straight right, Posi firing back in the form of a counter by Posi, while in the midst of all this, Sulaiman clips Posi with an accurate overhand right

followed by a left hook cross, but is countered with pinpoint accuracy by Posi’s left that targets an opening that Sulaiman left following his combination. Covering up, Posi once more charges forward, mixing up punches in bunches that pressure Sulaiman all the way to the other side of the ring, as Posi, a Judo practitioner in his own right, executes the first takedown of the fight, slamming Sulaiman

face-first into the mat, hunting for a head and arm choke. A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt himself, Sulaiman defends well against the choke, getting back to his feet while forcing Posi into a corner, finishing a double leg takedown and passing into a half guard mount. The summarized result was Sulaiman laying down powerful ground and pound shots

and an Americana submission attempt before Posi rebounded from the bottom, attempting a neck crank, after failing to secure his arm fully under the chin.

in the last ten seconds of the round.

Wira’s scorecard: 10-10, a fairly even round.

ROUND 3: As the final round of the match sounds off, both men touch gloves and hug each other out of respect and sportsmanship before the war begins.

Sulaiman seems to be biding his time, calm and composed as usual. On the other hand, a seemingly worn-out Posi wings off an uppercut hook duo, followed by Adib ‘Deep’ Sulaiman’s answer,  lunging forward with a swarm of punches that started off with a left cross, a few left overhands and right hooks that beat Posi from the center of the ring to the corner post. In his attempt to escape, Thailand’s Rungrot Posi gets thrown to the mat by Brunei’s Adib Sulaiman who flattens out Posi with hooks, posturing up and raining down merciless bombs

that finally finishes Posi, with the referee stepping in to put an end to the fight within seconds of the third round. Adib ‘Deep’ Sulaiman roars with a burning passion at the glory of the hard fought victory, kneeling to pay respects to his opponent

and embrace him in the same ring he had emerged from the battle, victorious, with the Brunei flag wrapped proudly around him.


Result: Adib ‘Deep’ Sulaiman, from Brunei gets the TKO stoppage in the 3rd round.

PTEM’s Greenhouse

By Sarah Eddie

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Earlier this month, on the 12th of February, PTEM decided to put her green thumbs to the test, by initiating her very own enclosed botanic garden. The hothouse is cared by various members of our little community composed of Meragang’s very own. The green house is s step forward to realising and mitigating the wound that climate change has foisted upon our earth, it may be a small step but make no mistake of the impact it is going to make.

This initiative is taken by the From Garden to Kitchen Club. The club would like to introduce, if not enhance, the appreciation of simple and basic cooking skills, while obtaining ample knowledge in food and nutrition, personal hygiene as well as safety. When asked why they wanted to build a greenhouse, the tutors-in-charge said that the idea presented itself as they wanted the members of the club to learn new skills as well as deliver the novel information to the youth, with optimistic ideas such as gardening with hydroponics. So, a new idea arose, and that was the simple concept of Garden to Plate. 

The Club members also expressed their appreciation for the guidance and assistance of Handri, Managing director of UZ urban farming as well as the cooperation and understanding of the existing tutors in the club. Fruits of their labour are still going through their infant stage, thus they feel a need to better their system. They hope to plant a wider variety of vegetables such as other green leafy ones as well as the more fleshy ones such as juicy, ripped tomatoes and fresh aubergine.

It’s a start. To healthier way of living.

“Neil Armstrong – One small step for man, one huge step for man kind.”

PTEM’s got softball(s)

PTEM’s NEW  CCA club is expected to open up new sports opportunities for beloved PTEM’s students. A sport which is not widely known amongst the Bruneian youth yet played globally elsewhere (Softball is played in over 140 countries,worldwide).

Surprise, surprise!

Softball is even going to be played in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

Although softball is considered one of the most popular youth sports, it is upsetting that the Bruneian youths are not really aware on the various kinds of sports, we at The Equinox believes that as “Generasi Berwawasan” we should all be educated on what kinds of sports are played, globally to easily build bridges amongst us and youths from other parts of the world. In Brunei, softball players are gradually losing their ground and steadily extinct due to the players being at their age of retirement. However, a handful of them are still active and enthusiastic softball players who have participated in local, regional and international tournaments.

Want something new? Softball might be for you.

The softball club led by Ms Zaitul and Ms Wan Farah of the Careers Department has currently only 5 members (surprisingly, all males!) The softball team is currently having basic training sessions only BUT towards the end of the year they will participate in friendly games and inter-school tournaments. Psst,they are also looking for new members for the national softball team! If you are interested and committed in being a national player, softball is the place to go!

As it is their first year having softball as a CCA, here’s what they have to say:

Ms Zaitul from the Careers Department (Tutor-in-charge), has played softball for over 15 years on the national team. She says that “PTEM is the best target group to promote this sport to boost youth interest in this particular sport – as softball is only a small community in Brunei, our CCA club is collaborating and receiving support from Brunei Amateur Softball and Baseball Association ( BASBA ).

Ashraaf (the Team Captain of the softball club) has answered why he has decided to join the interesting newly added CCA, ”Softball is not a typical sport you would normally see in Brunei. For me personally, I am trying it out because I love to try out different kind of sports. Since this is the first year that softball has been introduced in the school, I hope to promote it and see it grow to be as a sport that is as popular as the others such as football because in Brunei the softball community is very small.” In addition, ”Softball is basically similar to baseball, it’s just that the ball is much bigger than the one used in baseball and the field is smaller. Its rules are also slightly different than baseball”.

The newly added Softball CCA is open for every student, (no matter male or female ) in PTEM. They are currently conducting sessions from 230-4pm at the PTEM Field, some sessions are also coached by invited guests who are international and national players!

To know more regarding softball or their CCA they will be conducting an exhibition in the MPH on the 11th of March at 2:15pm ( save the date, future softballers!) This exhibition will be attended by our very own national players who will bring along and exhibit the respective softball gears and equipment. NOT ONLY THAT, they will also have friendly games available for the students to try out!


I’m not going to fight your war. I’m going to end it.

Captain Marvel
Photo from

As “The Avengers: Endgame” slowly approaches, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be releasing Captain Marvel on the 8th of March. Fans world wide are thrilled for this highly anticipated film as not only will it include possible Easter eggs for the upcoming Avengers movie, but also tells the story of Carol Danvers and how she became one of Marvel’s legendary hero.

Similar to the 2018 box office Black Panther, the first Marvel movie with an African protagonist, Captain Marvel is the first with a female lead.

Marvel is stepping up their game, catching up with DC after their release of Wonder Woman, another hit that highlights how women are equally as powerful as men.

“It is very good for the young girls who will be watching it and also a good message to everyone that even a female can be the main character in any story.”